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     "Raina Kabaivanska is a queen in every inch!" (Duglas What)

     "Kabaivanska is immense - each her part is like a fresco of famous painter." (John Rody)

     "Raina has the ability of Magda Olivero and Claudia Muzio to transform herself, and she succeeded in resurrecting verisimo from its decline." (Giorgio Gualerzi)

     "I must admit that I have never had the opportunity of watching on the operatic stage such a real Shakesperean heroine - the charming Desdemona and such a brilliant dramatic actress who masters and brings to perfection the "secrets" of the art of singing."("Soviet culture")

     "...a faultless vocal line as to timbre and richness of hues, coupled with a superb musical intelligence, an underlined feeling for style and impeccable taste, which permeate and gradate into the meandering recesses of the phrase, relying on the gradually creeping - in tender play of the subtle modulations, reflecting so very strongly over the fine spell of the "piano" and the "pianissimo", as well on the sureness of the high tones - melodious and with a remarkable timbre." ("Discoteca", 1973, Giorgio Gualerzi)

     About "Traviata" in 1974
     "Of course, when The Violetta is Raina Kabaivanska, a fascinating woman and a splendid actress, there are no difficulties for the producer nor costume designer... A total identity between intention and realisation in Act III. It was a truly unforgettable performance!..." ("Opera", 1974, Giorgio Gualerzi)   

     "...Raina Kabaivanska - main female character on the scenic and vocal plan ...
     ...Raina Kabaivanska was a real heroine of the spectacle, as an actress and brilliant as a singer. Her singing satiated with dramatism, spreads over a rare scale of vocal modulations, attributing to the character an enchanting authenticity. "("Il Resto del Carlito", 1974, Adriano Cavicci)

     "...As regards the main female character. Without any doubt it was Raina Kabaivanska, an exquisite actress with a very interesting voice. Her voice is a combination of beautiful nuances of nostalgia, a clear diction and expressiveness in her struggles with throes, thrilling trepidations in moments of strong feelings- an underlined skill to transmit the difficult mobility of the ailing woman, as well as the intelligence through which she expresses the social inequalities..." ("Il Giorno", 1974, Arruga)

     About "Il Trovatore" in 1978
     "...Raina Kabaivanska who has a command over her gloriously bright soprano voice with a virtuoso lightness, possessing an entire scale of hues - from the silvery jubilant tone to the flickering paleness - imparts to Leonora's image a human intimacy, so very rich in impressiveness..."("Salzburger Nachrichten",1978,Max Keindel-Hoenig)

     "...For Raina Kabaivanska I would have assigned as a motto over a heraldic coat of arms the following phrase:"In everything and in the smallest details illimitable"...Even when she does not sing she continues to excel, through a gesture or an expression on her face.It suffices that she moves her little finger or to knit a wee bit her brows to attract the immediate attention of the entire audience. She sings with a very great technique-overcoming certain difficulties with much work, but always scoring a victory...She is greatly attracted by the "piano" and the "pianissimo".To attain a greater expression in her singing and acting she introduces in a very develish way the most virtuoso and the most unexpected knacks. She is the most superb actress and singer of our times-dainty and always illimitable!" ( "Week-end",1979,Celleti)

     About "Manon" in 1981
     "A performance which we have not seen in Italy for many years!" (Teodoro Celli)