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The others about her

    Mario del Monaco - tenor:
    (about "Otello" in 1962) "She was maybe the most promising star of the lady opera elite."
    ("La Mia vita e i miei successi", 1982)

    Lucciano Pavarotti - tenor:
    "Tosca of the past is M. Callas. Tosca of our times is Raina Kabaivanska."
    (Vienna, 1994)

    Placido Domingo - tenor:
    "Raina Kabaivanska is a very intelligent and fine performer. We participated together in the film "Tosca" and became friends."
    ("Culture", 1979)

    Mirella Freni - soprano:
    "It is a pleasure for everyone to sing in the company of professional of Kabaivanska's class."
    ("Culture", 1979)

    Ghena Dimitrova - soprano:
    "For me Tosca is Raina Kabaivanska."
    (BNT, 2000)

    Herbert von Karajan - conductor:
    (about "Il Trovatore" in 1978) "Dear Raina,..., your vocal and artistic interpretation will be forever a model of dramatic perfection!"
    (Salzburg, 1986)

    Mauro Bolonini - director:
    "The heroines of Raina are without masks, they are not traditional. Her honesty helps her to find the essential, the truth in the role. On the stage she is always real...I dream of making "Macbeth" with her."